Payments method

About the payment methods

Payment is made either online by Bank Card or Paypal, or by cheque.

Online payment is handled by the interface of the bank site or through the PayPal service. This ensures the security of your payment.

Payment in several times and Carré Cadeau are not accepted.
The invoice will be avaible on your web account.

Online Payment by Bank Card

The accepted cards are: VISA, CB and MASTERCARD.

Your order is not taken into account until after the entering of your bank card number for the payment.

For your card payment, after you enter your card number, you enter the page of your bank.
This step is called 3D secure.
3D Secure is a secure payment protocol developed on the Internet to increase the security level of e-transactions.

You will be asked for personal information which allow to prevent fraudulent use of your card.
If you haven’t join the 3D Secure program, we invite you to take contact with your bank.

This payment undergoes definitive validation by the GIE carte bancaire (Bank Card Group).
The account is debited 1 day after recording of the transaction.

In the case where items are out of stock, the amount for the cancelled article(s) will either be deducted from the total amount debited or paid back to your account within 7 working days after the debit of the amount for the original order.

Online Payment by check

Only French checks are accepted. The checks are not are accepted during the sales. The limited amount is 300€ per order.

The order will only be released on receipt of the cheque and after a verification of the cheque.

The amount of the check must be equal to the command (you can not deduct any vouchers of the order), otherwise we will be forced to return the check.

The cheque should be made out to LMV La Mode est à Vous and should arrive within 9 days following the validation of the order at the following address :

LMV La Mode est à Vous
Service Web/Comptabilité
23 rue Paule Raymondis
31200 Toulouse

If we did not receipt the check within the 9 days, your order will be automatically cancelled. Before the suppression, you will receive warnings.
However, if your check was sent, please contact us by mail by clicking here or by phone 0033 (0)

Online Payment by Paypal

PayPal may be used to make purchases, receive payments or send and receive money to and from friends and family.

To pay via PayPal, you need to set up an account on the PayPal website.

The transaction is carried out without having to reveal your bank details; you simply identify yourself with your email address and a password.

Payment by loyalty, birthday vouchers or any other vouchers

Your vouchers are available on your webaccount.

If they do not appear on your account, please contact our customer service by mail by cliking here or by phone 0033 (0)

The coupons can not be deducted from the amount payable to the order by the Internet: the settlement amount must be equal to the amount of the invoice.