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LMV "La Mode est à vous", a store selling original fashion clothing at affordable prices.

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The store is the place where women meet the collection.
LMV "La Mode est à Vous" pays particular attention to the environment and decor of these places.
To achieve this, the brand has created a store concept that helps customers to feel at home.
The LMV "La Mode est à Vous" stores have a baroque-chic, fun style, mixing authenticity and imitation. With a piano used as a display unit, an imitation chimney, a jewelry box for accessories and a fitting room resembling a shower cubicle - everything is designed to make customers feel at home.
Surrounded by this atypical decor, the women stroll round the collections looking for a love-at-first-sight item.

LMV "La Mode est à Vous" has 55 stores in France.

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