LMV Concept

Take a dragonfly.
A beautiful, mischievous, impish, cheeky dragonfly.
Let it hover over women's imagination and land on original clothes, sophisticated materials and bold styles.
Through the seasons, "LMV La Mode est à Vous" offers surprising, sparkling fashion.
There's something for everyone, something that's different.
Materials are placed one on top of the other and cut in unstructured ways to dress women in that most elegant of ways to make them seductive and unique.

The story

"LMV La Mode est à Vous" was founded in Toulouse 15 years ago.
This small company has now taken off under the management of Alexandra and Frédérik Cornuaud.
Their aim is to turn LMV into a fully-fledged, creative, affordable label: the dragonfly label.
Alexandra and her team design the fashions of today and tomorrow.
The silhouettes that will create the style are put together amidst gales of laughter and long moments of doubt.
Frédérik runs a tight ship, looks for the best opportunities for locating his shops and organises supplies to enable the dragonfly go ever higher and further.


LMV offers varied styles so that every woman can identify with the collection and find something to suit her. LMV fashion is based on three key ideas:

The cut :
Our designers seek and invent original cuts to create silhouettes with a difference. Unstructured clothes and asymmetrical cuts to add sparkle to the outfit.
The material :
"LMV la Mode est à Vous" works with technically sophisticated materials and unusual fabrics.
These are superimposed, combined and pleated, etc., to make unique, remarkable clothes.
The detail :
A great deal of work goes into producing screen prints, embroidery, buttons and accessories to create that little extra that women love and that makes LMV fashion so different.
Each component is personalised to create unusual clothes with which women can identify.
The offer is now extended to accessories, with a number of exclusive "LMV La Mode est à Vous" items.

LMV shops

The shop is where women encounter the collection.
"LMV La Mode est à Vous" pays particular attention to the atmosphere and decoration of its shops, and has designed a shop concept that invites customers to feel as if they were at home.
The new "LMV La Mode est à Vous" shops are baroque-chic, fun places that have a real mix of true and false.
There’s a false piano used as a display unit, a false fireplace, a jewel box for accessories and a fitting room that looks like a shower cubicle. Everything is designed to make customers feel at home.
In this unusual setting, women stroll through the collections on the lookout for that something special.