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Loyalty card

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La voix des enfants

The money will be used to finance programmes to help children all over the world.

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The loyality card is personnal and cannot be used by another person.
The loyality card which has been bought is systematically attached to the account that made the order.
If you want to give this loyality card as a gift, you have to make the order with the account of the receiver.

Details about the partnership with La Voix de L'enfant

Forensic medical units in France

These Forensic medical units are aimed at receiving and hearing child victims of sexual and other abuses. These units of place, time and action intend to accommodate the minor in a reassuring framework that can meet his needs, suffering and reduce the impact of the legal proceedings.The Purchase of the audiovisual material, books and games provided for the convenience of the children in the courtroom are funded through the support of LMV La Mode est à Vous UAMJP

Fraternity Cup

For the 5th consecutive year, La Mode est à Vous continues to support the Fraternity Cup. The Program was born from the desire to create, in Paris, a unique event , educational, sportive and cultural gathering underprivileged children from the member associations of countries of intervention. Each year a theme is chosen and give both children and educators a chance to develop and carry out projects back in their countries www.fraternitycup.org.

Programm for children's right to civil status

In a global context where almost half of all births are not registered , la Voix de l’Enfant provides thanks to the support of La Mode est à Vous and with its member associations in many countries to give these children an identity and a right to exist. These programs provide children access to health care , education and protection against all forms of exploitation.